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    Your search results for "Rembrandt Harmensz" (85 images)
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    Portrait de l'artiste a la toque et a la chaine d'or - Portrait of the artist with cap and gold chain,1633. Wood,oval 70 x 53 cm INV.1745

    40-11-28/ 7

    'The Entombment', c1654. One of a series of prints that depict episodes from the life of Christ. The bearded old man standing on the left may be Joseph of Arimathaea, who gave up his tomb for Christ. Below him, Mary's slumped frame carries the curve of the design towards the limp body of her son, supported by five men. One of them has jumped into the grave to lift the body from below, while the bearded figure must be holding the lamp that illuminates the scene. In the opposite corner, a group of mourning women look away from this painful sight. PD, 1910-2-12-360 (state I);PD, 1843-5-13-249 (sta


    Houses under a stormy sky. Pen and ink drawing Inv. 8880


    Saskia van Uylenburgh (1612-1642), Rembrandt's wife whom he married in 1634. Oakwood (1633) 52.5 x 44.5 cm Inv. 1556


    "Selfportrait with mouth open", 1628-1629, one of Rembrandt's first self-portraits when he was between 22 and 23 years old. PD, Gg.2-253


    The slaughtered ox. Detail. For overall view please see 40-04-01/54. Oil on wood (1655) 94 x 69 cm MI 169

    39-19-17/ 9

    Elephant. Black chalk Inv. 17558


    "The Star of the Kings" ,a Dutch custom to celebrate the Feast of Epiphany (January 6th), commemorating the visit of the Three Kings or Magi to the newborn Christ. Children went from door to door with a lantern shaped like a star, sang and asked for money from the owners of the houses. PD 1910-2-12-189


    Abraham visited by the Angel.


    Lot and his family. Pen and ink drawing Inv. 8767


    "Het Molentje" (the small mill),seen from Amsteldijk. Pen and wash,bistre 9,6 x 21,3 cm Inc. 8870


    'The Shell', 1650. The shell is a Conus marmoreus, which is native to south-east Africa, Polynesia and Hawaii. The shell's striking pattern, with the tight spiral of its base, has been captured in great detail. PD, 1868-8-22-672 (Hind 248, Bartsch 159)


    'The Three Trees', 1643. The three trees are buffeted by gusts of wind and rise in a burst of sunlight against a sky of rapidly moving clouds. On the left, a standing fisherman watches the end of his line, while his wife waits with a lunch basket. Above them, cows, horses and people are scattered in the sunlit fields, beyond which the towers of the distant city almost vanish in a squall of rain. On the near right, two lovers can be glimpsed in the undergrowth. A wagon on the brow of the hill approaches a seated artist, who sketches the view that is out of our sight. Behind the trunks of the three trees, some cottages shelter in the hollow of the hill, while far above them a flock of birds soars high in the sky.This atmospheric print is widely regarded as Rembrandt's greatest as well as his most elaborate landscape etching. PD, 1868-8-22-678 (Hind 205; Bartsch 212)

    33-01-11/ 3

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