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    Your search results for "18th Century" (3276 images)
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    The painter Apelles, Alexander the Great and Campaspe. Alexander gives his lover Campaspe to the painter. The King believes that Apelles, as an artist, is better able to appreciate Campaspe's beauty. Wood, 96 x 136,2 cm P 444


    Cupid and Psyche. Oil on canvas (1798) 186 x 132 cm Inv. 4739


    Fancy-dress ball in Bonn's Residence Theatre (1754). Clemens August, Prince Elector and Archbishop of Cologne as host. Beethoven's grandfather among the musicians and Giacomo Casanova on the balustrade.


    Aeneas and Queen Dido hunting. Canvas


    Empress Maria Theresia (1717-1780) surrounded by her children in widow's weeds after the death of her hus- band, Emperor Franz Stephan. Standing on her right her oldest son, Emperor Joseph II (1741-1790) Canvas (1776)


    Mirror Cabinet, Wuerzburg Episcopal Residence. The Mirror Cabinet, the most precious interior decoration of the Palace, consists entirely of mirrors. It was completely destroyed during an airraid in 1945, but was restored after photographs and a watercolour.


    Mustafa II in armour, page of an album containing portraits of Ottoman sultans. Beginning of the 18th century; Turkey Gouache, silver and gold on paper; 16,50cm x 10,80cm MAO 2009


    Oval hall with cupola. Sanssouci Palace (1745-1747) built by order of Prussian King Frederic the Great as a country seat, near his residence in Potsdam, atop sheltered terraces for vine and fig trees.

    14-02-01/ 1

    Mirror cabinet, Schloss Weissenstein zu Pommersfelden. 1711-1718.


    18th and 19th century erotic books owned by author and art collector Roger Peyrefitte were auctioned off and dispersed in 1981.Engravings from a 1789 special edition of "La Pucelle d'Orleans",Voltaire's blas- phemous satyre about the life and loves of Joan of Arc.

    33-01-05/ 3

    Iskandar (Alexander the Great) meeting the Brahmans. A miniature painting from an eighteenth century manuscript of the latter half of the epic poem of Shahnama. India, 1719. Shelfmark: Add.18804 Page Folio Number: f.117v


    Wedding concert for Emperor Joseph II and Isabella of Parma;serenade in the Redoutensaal in Vienna's Imperial Palace,October 6th, 1760. Oil on canvas 300 x 390 cm


    La jupe relevee - the raised skirt,1742 Canvas,50,8 x 42 cm

    40-11-23/ 2

    The library of Sanssouci Palace, a circular room with intarsia floor and richly ornamented bookcases. King Frederic II library contained over 2.200 volumes,mainly the works of classical Greek and Roman poets, but also the complete works by French philosopher Voltaire.

    14-02-04/ 5

    Red room with galloon decoration ("Rotes Tressenzimmer", 19th). Charlottenburg Palace (18th).


    Sanssouci Palace, country seat of King Frederic II of Prussia. The concert room, one of the richest Rococo halls in German architecture, was used for the king's musical evenings, during which he played the flute.


    The Princess Lamballe (1749-1792),Marie-Therese-Louise de Savoie-Carignan,princesse de Lamballe.The intimate friend of Queen Marie Antoinette was lynched by revolutionaries. (From the workshop of Antoine Francois Callet)


    The loves of Joan of Arc - based on Voltaire's satyrical novel "La Pucelle d'Orleans" (Edition 1789) Hand-coloured engraving (illustration) - Erotic Art


    The salon of the Chateau d'Abondant,Eure et Loire,France. Between 1745 and 1750,oak and beech painted green, petit point tapestry. Jean Mansart de Jouy (architecte),Francois-Simon Houle (cabinet-maker) and Jacques de Seves(painter). Nr.84


    The Annunciation 1785 Canvas; 280 x 117 cm Colección Particular, Spain


    Interior with self-portrait by Andrea del Sarto (1486-1531).For painting see 40-08-01/56. Alnwick Castle,Northumberland,GB.


    Ornate door and fireplace of the "Silver" concert hall, Neues Palais, Sanssouci Gardens (1765).


    The Ground-floor Hall (Sala Terrena) of Eszterhaza Palace. The Palace of the Esterhazy-Family was built for Prince Nicholas (1760-1766). Joseph Haydn was court musician to the prince.


    Schoenbrunn Palace, Vienna, summer residence of the Habsburg Emperors. Vieux-laque room with Chinese lacquer wainscoting and portraits of Emperor Franz I, his father Leopold II and his uncle Josef II, all by Pompeo Batoni.


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