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    Your search results for "Bible Nt: Last Judgement" (140 images)
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    "Scivias"(Know the ways of the Lord) by the German nun and mystic Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179).The book, Codex Rupertsberg,disappeared during WW II.Transparen- cies are from a faksimile.As the soul leaves the body, devils and angels await God's judgement.

    15-02-04/ 7

    Sistine Chapel with the retable of the Last Judgement (Fall of the Damned)


    The heavenly ladder,illustration of an instruction to monks by abbot Johannes Klimax (6th CE). Good monks climb steadily heavenwards towards perfection, bad monks are dragged to hell by black devils. 11th-12th. 41 x 29,3 cm

    15-03-06/ 8

    The Last Judgement. Triptych, central panel Oil on oakwood 164 x 127 cm Inv.4 E


    The Fall of the Damned, around 1450. Oil on wood, 115 x 69,5 cm


    Archangel Michael with sword. Gold & enamel work with precious and semi-precious stones


    Triptych with the Last Judgement, right shutter, detail: Casting the Damned into hell. 1467-1471 Oak, entire panel 223,5 x 72,5 cm Inv.SD/413/M

    40-03-06/ 6

    The table of the Seven Deadly Sins. Forming a circle around the figure of Christ, seven scenes depict the Seven Deadly Sins,each identified by an inscription. Four circular scenes in the corners represent the Four Last Things. The painting belonged to King Philip II of Spain. Wood, 120 x 150 cm Inv.2822


    The Last Judgement: Satan swallows the damned. From the Baptistery, Florence. Mosaics cover the entire cupola. They were begun in 1220 and completed a century later. The designs are by Florentine artists, among them Cimabue and the young Giotto.


    The Last Judgement. Triptych, central panel, detail Oil on oakwood Inv. 4 E


    Dance of the angels and the Just in Paradise. Detail from the Last Judgement. See 40-07-09/55-58 Wood (around 1431), 105 x 210 cm Inv. 8509


    "Scivias"(Know the ways of the Lord) by the German nun and mystic Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179).The book, Codex Rupertsberg,disappeared during WW II.Transparen- cies are from a facsimile.The Last Judgement:Christ in his glory,the angel with the tuba,resurrection.


    Book of the Dead with 125 chapters, judgement in the Otherworld. The defunct, the Lady Nefer-is, is led into the courtroom: her heart is weighed against the truth; she sacrifices to the Gods Osiris, Isis, and Nephtys. Papyrus (350 BCE), Late Period, Egypt - Inv. 10477


    The Great Satan from the Gates of Hell. Mosaic floor of the cathedral of Otranto, southern Italy. The cathedral was built under Roger, Norman Duke of Apulia, and consecrated in 1088. The mosaic floor of 1166 is a compendium of early medieval knowledge and lore. See also 40-11-24/36-45 Apo 12: 9


    Triptych with the Last Judgement, center panel: Judgement and Weighing of Souls. 1467-1471 Oak, 221 x 161 cm Inv.SD/413/M

    40-03-06/ 2

    Allegory: Apocalypse, Last Judgement Oil on canvas (1674) 175 x 150 cm Inv. 9096


    The Expulsion from Paradise (Genesis 3, 23-24). Top row left of the murals in the Brancacci Chapel, the private chapel of the Brancacci family of Florence. 1425-1428 See 40-07-8/1-24 214 x 90 cm

    40-07-08/ 1

    Last judgement, from the outer walls of the church at Sucevita, Romania. Angels help the righteous up the heavenly ladder, while devils push the damned into the hell fires.


    Sistine Chapel with the Fall of the Damned and part of the ceiling (before restoration).


    Cover of the Staurothtek. Christ on the throne. Detail of 15-01-01/32. Reliquary for the wood of the True Cross, Limburg. Enamelled and jewelled (ca. 948-959)


    Altar of The Last Judgement,detail; The Damned plunging into hell. See also 40-03-01/7-13, 40-01-01/65,66, 40-04-04/31-34 Oil on wood (1434)


    Altar of the Last Judgement: Overall view. Christ sits in judgement, Saint Michael weighing souls,Saint Mary Saint John Baptist and various saints,angels with implements of the Passion,resurrection of the dead. Wood (1434) See 40-03-01/7-13, 40-01-01/65,66


    Missal,1490,French,parchment,37,5 x 27,5 cm,451 pages. Christ Judge,Last Judgement,maw of hell,resurrection of the dead.fol.223


    Devils pushing the damned into the maw of a giant crocodile, the maw of Hell. Stained glass


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