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    Your search results for "Apollo, God" (122 images)
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    Apollo (with lyre) and Artemis sacrificing over a fire burning on an altar. Red-figured Attic hydria, 490-480 BCE Terracotta, height: 40.5 cm, diam.: 35.3 cm


    Apollo and Daphne, 1846. Apollo pursues the nymph Daphne, who prays for help and is turned into a laurel tree (Daphne = Greek laurel) Canvas, 53 x 35,5 cm R.F.3870


    Sacrifice to Apollo. Red-figured Attic crater (around 430 BCE). Height 33 cm G 496


    Helios on his chariot drawn by four horses. Monumental southern Italian Greek vase (330 BCE) from Canosa di Pulia, Italy.


    Apollo and Daphne. Apollo pursues the nymph Daphne, who prays for help and is turned into a laurel-tree. (Daphne = Greek laurel) Canvas, 96 x 79 cm R.F. 2107


    Apollon et Hermes ou allegorie du monde celeste - Apollo and Hermes,an allegory on the life of the gods. Hermes gives Apollo the kithara in exchange against a herd of cattle. Copper,88 x 103 cm Depot du Louvre, Inv.13

    40-08-15/ 7

    Apollo of Siebenbuergen (Transsylvania). The god would have held a bow in his lowered right hand and a laurel twig, symbol of atonement, in his left hand. Bronze, H: 282,5 cm Inv. VI 2848


    Apollo and Daphne. Apollo pursues the nymph Daphne, who prays for help and is turned into a laurel-tree. (Daphne = Greek laurel). Detail of 40-08-05/62. Canvas, 96 x 79cm. R.F. 2107


    L'Empire de Flore - Flora's Realm, 1631 Three gods - Flora, Apollo and Pan; Ajax killing himself, Adonis and Hyacinth both wounded: spring and flowers issue from death. Canvas, 131 x 181 cm


    The torture of Marsyas. Canvas (1570-1575) 212 x 207 cm


    Red-figured bell-crater from Apulia:Apollo purifies Orestes with the blood of a piglet.Orestes still holds the dagger with which he has killed his mother. Klitaimnestra tries to wake the sleeping Furies. (Aischylos,Eumenides). 380 BCE; H:48,7cm Cp 710


    Apollo, Chiron, and Hippocrates. Fresco (1st CE) from the Casa d'Adonide or della Regina Carolina, Pompeii, Italy. Inv. 8846


    Attic marble figure of Apollo, known as the Munich Kouros; 540-530 BCE.


    Apollo of Veio. Etruscan, terracotta; 6th century BCE. See also 03-05-06/41 and 03-05-01/13


    Poseidon, Apollo, and Artemis. Relief (440-432 BCE) from the east frieze of the Parthenon, Athens, Greece. Inv. 856


    Relief showing Zeus, Apollo and Artemis; from Brauron, Greece; 400 BCE.


    The punishment (martyrdom) of Marsyas who challenged Apollo in fluteplaying. Mardyas won, but was skinned alive. Marble figure (1st-3rd CE). Roman copy of a Greek original of the 2nd BCE Height 256 cm - MA 542


    Apollon et Daphné - Apollo and Daphne. Around 1615-1620. Copper, 17cm x 35cm. INV. 18


    Apollo, Pallas and the Muses; from the collection of Emperor Rudolf II. Marble, 37 x 49 cm Inv. 1119


    Apollo riding a griffin while playing the lyre. Red-figured Attic cup, 1st half 4th BCE Terracotta Inv. IV 202


    Pippin's reliquary,or the reliquary of the circumcision 9th-11th century.Reverse side with birds (eagles? doves?)with enamelled wings;in the center of the roof an antique gem of cornelian representing Apollo. 18,5 cm x 18,5 cm


    Apollo Fountain, 1532. Bronze, H:138 cm, base 55 x 55 cm Fembohaus,part of Stadtgeschichtliches Museum.

    40-01-03/ 9

    Le supplice de Marsyas - The punishment of Marsyas, Copper,17 x 22 cm INV.337


    Statue of Apollo Saurocton,from the Lyceum in Athens, 330 BCE. Marble,H:218 cm MA 916

    10-01-06/ 8

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