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    The heavenly ladder,illustration of an instruction to monks by abbot Johannes Klimax (6th CE). Good monks climb steadily heavenwards towards perfection, bad monks are dragged to hell by black devils. 11th-12th. 41 x 29,3 cm

    15-03-06/ 8

    The table of the Seven Deadly Sins. Forming a circle around the figure of Christ, seven scenes depict the Seven Deadly Sins,each identified by an inscription. Four circular scenes in the corners represent the Four Last Things. The painting belonged to King Philip II of Spain. Wood, 120 x 150 cm Inv.2822


    La parfaite Réconciliation de la reine et de son fils, après la mort du Connétable de Luynes, le 15 décembre 1621, dit autrefois L'Entrevue de Marie de Médicis et de son fils [à Coussières, près de Tours, le 5 septembre 1619], ou encore La Paix confirmée dans le Ciel. Canvas, 394cm x 295cm. INV. 1788

    39-19-10/ 4

    The stars on the ceiling of the vault. Mosaic (mid 5th)


    Allegory: Apocalypse, Last Judgement Oil on canvas (1674) 175 x 150 cm Inv. 9096


    Paradise Canvas; 168 x 544cm Cat. 398


    La Disputa, Theology, one of the murals Raffael painted for Pope Julius II. 1509


    The Miracles of Saint Francis Xavier. Oil on canvas (1617-1618) 535 x 395 cm Inv. 519


    Atlas Farnese. Atlas carrying the cosmic globe on his shoulders. Marble figure (late Roman Period, 3rd CE).


    Triptych with the Last Judgement. Center panel: Judgement and Weighing of Souls; left shutter: Reception of the Righteous into Heaven; right shutter: Casting the Damned into Hell. 1467-1471 Inv.SD/413/M Oak, center 221 x 161 cm, wings 223,5 x 72,5 cm

    40-03-06/ 1

    Ceiling medallion in the Camera degli Sposi. Fresco (1474)

    40-07-06/ 9

    The Ascension of Christ. Detail of the antependium Pala d'Oro from Constantinople (ca. 1100). Gold, enamel, and precious stones Overall size: 140 x 350 cm


    Saint Mary's Assumption. Oil on wood (1518) 668 x 344 cm


    An angel carries heaven in form of a snail. Sun and moon are inside the translucent snail-shell. From the paracclesion.


    The fiery ascension of Prophet Elijah. Icon (late 17th)


    Coloured Silhouette by Otto Boehler "Strauss is playing today", which shows Johann Strauss conducting in heaven, and angels and famous composers Schubert, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Haydn, Liszt, Weber, Wagner, etc. waltzing to his tunes.


    Hermes guiding Diana, Goddess of the Hunt, onto the Olymp where Zeus has vacated his throne for her. Ceiling fresco (1732) of the central hall, Eckartsau hunting castle, Lower Austria


    The Adoration of the Trinity with Duerer's self portrait at the bottom right. Allerheiligenbild. Oil on poplarwood (1511) 135 x 123.4 cm Inv. 838


    Le Livre des Proprietes des Choses,France,14th MS 993,fol.114 Of the properties of Heaven.


    Le Parlement de Londres, ciel orageux (London Parliament, stormy sky) Oil on canvas, 1904 81.5 × 92 cm


    Christ donating his blood. Oil on poplar wood (1543) 50 x 32 cm Inv. 1845


    Renunciation of St. Francis Divine Comedy Italy [Tuscany]; circa 1450 Yates Thompson 36, f.149


    The table of the Seven Deadly Sins Heaven (Glory) - detail. Four circular scenes in the corners depict the Four Last Things (Death, Judgement, Hell and Heaven). The painting belonged to king Philip II of Spain. Total size: 120 x 150 cm Cat. 2822


    Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Canvas; 137 x 81cm Cat. 600


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