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    Trojan King Priamus begs Achilles to let him have the body of Hector, his slain son. Hector's body lies under Achilles' bed. Red-figured Attic skyphos from Caere, around 490 BCE Height: 25 cm Inv. IV 3710


    The painter Apelles, Alexander the Great and Campaspe. Alexander gives his lover Campaspe to the painter. The King believes that Apelles, as an artist, is better able to appreciate Campaspe's beauty. Wood, 96 x 136,2 cm P 444


    Portrait of Giovanni (?) Arnolfini and his Wife ('The Arnolfini Portrait'), formerly known as the 'Arnolfini Wedding'. 1434. Oil on oak, 82.2 x 60 cm. NG186. Detail see 40-03-03/5.

    40-03-01/ 6

    The Lovers. Canvas (1524-1526) 163 x 337 cm Inv. 223

    40-07-07/ 6

    A symposion (a festive meal), guests drinking from rhytons, a girl playing the flute. Red-figured Attic terracotta bell-crater (4th BCE) Inv. IV 910

    10-03-02/ 7

    The bedroom of Emperor Napoleon I. in Versailles. Woodwork executed under Louis XV


    Vaux-le-Vicomte, "chambre du roi", the bedroom reserved for visits by king Louis XIV. One such visit led to the dismissal and arrest of Nicolas Fouquet, minister of finance. The King built Versailles with Fouquet's architect and painter. See 14-01-04/1-20


    Bedroom of Marie-Louise, seond wife of Napoleon I. Furniture by Jacob Desmalter; 1809


    Venus, Cupid and an organist. Canvas (around 1550) 148 x 217 cm


    The Rokeby Venus:the toilet of Venus,the only surviving female nude by Velazquez. Around 1650. Canvas,122,5 x 177 cm NG 2057


    Banqueting scene, guests eating and drinking, servants, dogs waiting for morsels under the beds. Black-figured amphora, 540-530 BCE F 2


    The love of Paris and Helen,1789 Oil on canvas 146 x 180 cm Inv. 3696


    Amalienburg, the small hunting lodge inside the grounds of Nymphenburg Palace, 1734-1739. The yellow bedroom, interior decoration also by Cuvillies.


    Bedroom of Lucrezia Borgia.

    40-14-02/ 6

    The Annunciation 1506 Oil on canvas, 76 x 78 cm M.N.R.256


    The nude maja, around 1800 Oil on canvas, 97 x 190 cm Inv. 742


    Death of Cleopatra. Canvas,200 x 290 cm


    Bedroom of Queen Hortense, daughter of Josephine Beauharnais. Hortense married Louis, King of Holland, Napoleon's brother. She is the mother of Emperor Napoleon III. Furniture (1805/06) by the brothers Jacob


    The Venus of Urbino,1538 Oil on canvas, 119 x 165 cm Inv. 1437


    Venus endormi surprise par l'Amour - Venus asleep, surprised by Amor. Canvas, 122 x 117 (octagonal format)

    40-11-16/ 3

    Funeral stele with a symposion scene: A man reclines on a bed holding a kylix, while a boy draws wine from a large vessel. A woman in a chair behind the man, a dog under the couch. Severe style, 480-450 BCE. Marble from Thassos. Inv. 1947 T


    Sarcophagus of a couple ("Sarcophage des Epoux") from Cerveteri, where, rare in Etruscan funerary art, the wife is placed at the same level as the husband. They make the gesture of offering perfume, a ritual which, together with partaking of wine, is typical of Etruscan funerals. See also 10-03-05/69,70 Terracotta, H: 114 cm


    Bedroom of the Queen Victoria Eugenia.


    Bedroom of Ludwig II at Herrenchiemsee Palace, built 1879-1881 by order of Ludwig II of Bavaria in homage to Ludwig XIV on Herrenchiemsee Island in Chiemsee Lake, Bavaria.


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