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    Your search results for "Habsburg Dynasty" (362 images)
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    Emperor Karl V's war against Chaireddin (also known as Hayreddin Barbarossa, Grand Admiral of the Ottoman Navy), Turkish governor of Tunis. Karl V (without armour) at the head of a cavalry detach- ment which repelled a Turkish sortee from Goleta. charcoal and watercolour on paper,385 x 662 cm,Inv.2038 In 1535 the Spanish Empire attacked Tunis, then under the control of the Ottoman Empire. Holy Roman Emperor Karl V (Charles V) of the Habsburg dynasty assembled a huge army and war fleet. He defeated Barbarossa's fleet and, after a siege, captured Tunis on June 1 1535.


    Empress Maria Theresia (1717-1780) surrounded by her children in widow's weeds after the death of her hus- band, Emperor Franz Stephan. Standing on her right her oldest son, Emperor Joseph II (1741-1790) Canvas (1776)


    Seven large tapestries illustrate the Battle of Pavia in 1525,in which Emperor Charles V.defeated French King Francois I.The decisive moment of the battle: the French king is taken prisoner;his horse has fallen. (left foreground). 435 x 880 cm Inv. IGMN 144489

    40-03-09/ 9

    Wedding concert for Emperor Joseph II and Isabella of Parma;serenade in the Redoutensaal in Vienna's Imperial Palace,October 6th, 1760. Oil on canvas 300 x 390 cm


    Las Meninas (the maids of honour).Velazquez (in a self- portrait),paints the Spanish royal couple, Philip IV and his wife Mariana (visible in the mirror in back). Their only child,Margarita,is surrounded by maids of honour and court dwarfs.1656,canvas,318 x 276,Inv.1174


    Maximilian II (1527-1576),son of Emperor Ferdinand I, King of Bohemia,Emperor 1564. Canvas,184 x 100 cm,painted 1550 Inv.2111


    Karl V with his son Philipp II Canvas


    Schoenbrunn Palace, Vienna, summer residence of the Habsburg Emperors. Vieux-laque room with Chinese lacquer wainscoting and portraits of Emperor Franz I, his father Leopold II and his uncle Josef II, all by Pompeo Batoni.


    Emperor Karl V (1500-1558), in whose realm, stretching from Eastern Europe to Latin America, 'the sun never set'.Contemporary copy after Titian. Canvas, 110 x 91 cm Inv. 8060


    Kaiserin Elisabeth im Sternenkleid (Empress Elisabeth in a star spangled robe). Oil on canvas


    Eleonora Gonzaga (1598-1655), wife of Emperor Ferdinand III, in her wedding dress. White brocade, metal threads, design of small golden branches, ruffs of Venetian lace. Canvas, 188 x 125 cm - Inv. 7146


    Marie Antoinette, Archduchess, Queen of France (1755-1793), daughter of Empress Maria Theresia, sister of Emperor Joseph II. Died under the guillotine six months after her husband, Louis XVI. Canvas, 273 x 193,5 cm, 1778


    Marie Caroline de Lorena (1752-1814), Queen of Naples and Sicily Canvas; 130 x 98cm Cat. 2194


    Eleanor of Portugal (1434-1467), wife of Emperor Friedrich III. The Empress wears the crown of her coronation in 1452. On the arm of her chair the arms of Austria and Portugal. Dress: Italian velvet with pomegranate design. Wood, 79 x 51,1 cm, Inv. 4399

    26-01-01/ 2

    Empress Maria of Austria (1528-1603), daughter of Emperor Karl V, wife of her cousin Maximilian II.She bore her husband fifteen children, among them Emperors Rudolf II and Matthias. Companion piece to 26-04-03/35, Canvas,181 x 90 cm Inv.2110


    Seven large tapestries illustrate the Battle of Pavia in 1525,in which Emperor Charles V.defeated French King Francois I.The invasion of the French camp;women and civilians follow the fleeing French army. A French munitions depot blows up. 440 x 818 cm Inv.IGMN 144488


    Archduchess Marie Antoinette (1755-1793), wife of King Louis XVI, died on the guillotine. Inv. GG 2132


    The execution of Emperor Maximilian of Mexico June 19, 1867 Oil on canvas, 1867


    Empress Maria Theresia (1717-1780) in a robe of Brussels lace, a present from the estates of Flanders. Oil on canvas


    Archduke Leopold Wilhelm, with Teniers' self-portrait, among his art works in the archduke's gallery in Brussels. First version (1651) Oil on canvas, 123 x 163 cm Cat. 378, Inv. 739


    Seven large tapestries illustrate the Battle of Pavia in 1525,in which Emperor Charles V.defeated French King Francois I.The French king is helped from his fallen horse by Pomperant,a gentleman follower of the Connetable Charles de Bourbon.Detail of 40-03-09/9.


    Emperor Maximilian II (1527-1576) and his family, his wife Maria of Spain, his children Anna, Rudolf and Ernst. Canvas, 240 x 188 cm, 1553 Inv. 3448


    Isabella, Queen of Spain (1602-1644), daughter of French King Henri IV and Maria de' Medici, was married at age 11 with the Spanish Crownprince Philip (later King Philip IV), then aged 10.


    Light armour (cuirass) for Philipp II, son of Emperor Karl V.Amour by Desiderius Helmschmid,head,silver, painted,by Pompeo Leoni.The head was originally fixed to a silver armour,now lost. For the head by Leoni see 26-01-02/50-52.


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