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    Cattle gathered next to a group of huts represented by white ovals. Behind a line of calves tethered to a rope are a group of women and children working. Fresco from Tassili N'Ajjer. Henri Lhote Collection


    Irinaland ueber dem Balkan - Irinaland over the Balkans. Mixed technique on aluminum foil (1966) 36.5 x 51 cm


    Return of the Hunters. From the series of six paintings "The Seasons". Oil on oakwood (1565) Size 117 x 162 cm Cat. 50, Inv. 1838


    Women and children and cattle next to a group of huts which are represented by white ovals. Detail of 06-01-01/34 Fresco from Tassili n'Ajjer, Algeria. Henri Lhote Collection


    La Mer a L'Estaque (The sea at L'Estaque) Small town near Marseille, represented in twenty-seven of Cezanne's paintings. Bought by Pablo Picasso in 1940. Oil on canvas, 1878-79 73 x 92 cm


    The temptation of St. Anthony the Great. The head of an abbess sits atop a whorehouse; her hat is a bird-house. Wood, 70 x 115 cm Inv. 2913


    Casts from Trajan's column in Rome.Roman legionaries set fire to a Dacian city. On the walls impaled heads.


    The Voyage to Punt: Village with palm trees, birds, and thatched African huts. Coloured limestone relief, temple of Queen Hatshepsut (Maat Ka-Re)(1495-1475 BCE), south side of the west terrace, Deir el-Bahri. 18th Dynasty (1554-1305 BCE), New Kingdom


    Paiement de la dime, ou le denombrement de Bethleem Paying the tithe, or the census of Bethlehem. Canvas Inv. 22


    Unterach on Lake Attersee, Austria. Oil on canvas (1915) 110 x 110 cm


    Ovens inside the Hallstatt bakehouse from Grossweikersdorf, Austria. Reconstruction. Early Iron Age (8th-4th BCE)


    Landscape with the good Samaritan. Oakwood, 29 x 42 cm Inv. 1005


    Winterlandscape; before 1610 Oakwood, 29,5 x 46,4 cm Inv. 5659


    Soldiers occupy a village during the Thirty Years War. Oil on canvas (around 1645)


    Lock of Hallstatt blockhouse. A metal hook served as a key and was inserted through the hole above the lock moving the bolt to the right or left by hitching the hook to the notches in the bolt. Early Iron Age (800-400 BCE)


    Waldabhang in Unterach am Attersee,1917 Slope in a forest on Atterse-Lake. Canvas,110 x 110 cm


    Village church in Riegsee,Bavaria, 1907

    39-16-06/ 2

    Landscape with Saint Jerome Wood; 74 x 91cm Cat. 1614


    Moonlit night.


    Pillage of a village. Oil on wood 75 x 107 cm RF 1182


    La Kermesse, ou Noce de village - A church festival or Weding in a village. ca.1635-1638 Oil on wood 149 x 261 cm Inv. 1797


    The parable of the Shabat - the month of August from a series of the months. (Matthew 12:) Canvas, 86 x 123 cm Inv. 5832


    The wedding. Oil on canvas (1909)


    From the Illustrations to 100 poems by 100 poets: Sarumaaru Tayu,8th CE:Autumn,farmwomen return from collecting mushrooms.A stag and deer.


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