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    Your search results for "Hairstyle: Wig" (116 images)
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    Statue of Nofret wearing a wig and bead necklace (detail). Painted limestone statue from Meidum, Egypt; 2620 BCE, Old Kingdom (4th dynasty); height: 1,18m She was part of the royal entourage of Pharaoh Snofru, King of the 4th dynasty, and held the title "one known to the king". Her husband was Prince Rahotep, who was High Priest of Re at Heliopolis, Director of Expeditions and Chief of Construction. The quality and beauty of this marvellously preserved seated statue of Nofret, along with a statue of Rahotep in the same style, found in 1871 in their brick mastaba at Meidum, confirms her high rank. It is not unlikely that it was created by highly skilled sculptors working for the royal ateliers. The face of the statue expresses the same solemness and self-assuredness as the royal statues of the same dynasty. The realism in this statue is increased by the glass inlaid eyes and its realistic size.


    (Follower):Louis XIV,King of France (1643-1715) Contemporary copy after a lost portrait by Mignard. Canvas,105 x 90 cm Cat.2299


    The amputation. Etching; 1793.


    British actor Spranger Barry (1719-1777) and his second wife Ann Street Barry (1734-1801) performing in Shakespeare's "Hamlet". Canvas; 18th century.


    Breakfast with masks Canvas


    Ernst Ruediger, Count Starhemberg (1637-1701), Field- marshal and Commander of Vienna during the Turkish siege of 1683. Oil on canvas, 232 x 155 cm


    The Rake's Levee (A Rake's Progress) 1735 A levee is a reception held by a monarch or other high-ranking person on arising from bed. Tom is spending his inheritance on suppliers of expensive (and in particular unnecessary) services who try to encourage him to ape the aristocracy. The pictures on the wall, however, show his lack of taste, scenes from classical mythology hang next to pictures of game-cocks. The characters in the picture would readily have been identified by Hogarth's contemporaries as real life London citizens. They include a paid bodyguard who lookes like a criminal, a jockey (kneeling in the front), a dancing-master with a kit-violin (a small three-stringed violin), a huntsman (blowing a horn), a music master, a French fencing master, a quarterstaff (a wooden staff used as a weapon) instructor, a landscape gardener (behind the Rake, with a drawn plan), a poet, and a tailor. Oil on canvas; 62,5 x 75 cm

    39-17-02/ 3

    Fragment of a wall painting from the tomb of Nabamun, from Thebes, 18th dynasty,around 1350 BCE. Musicians and dancers entertain the guests at a banquet,dressed in typical festive clothing of the period. The women wear heavy wigs and cones of scented fat. They sniff the lotus flower and the round mandrake fruit. The scene hints subtly at rebirth and new life. EA,37984


    Fragment of a wall painting from the tomb of Nabamun, from Thebes, 18th dynasty,around 1350 BCE. Musicians and dancers entertain the guests at a banquet.The scene hints subtly at rebirth and new life. Detail of /51 EA,37984


    Marriage A-la-Mode: 6. The Lady's Death 1743 "Marriage A-la-Mode" was the first of Hogarth's satirical moralising series of engravings about the upper echelons of society. The paintings were models from which the engravings would be made. The engravings reverse the compositions. about 1743 Oil on canvas; 69,9 x 90,8 cm NG118

    40-06-01/ 3

    Eugene of Savoy, Prince (1663-1726), greatest General of his times, joined the Imperial armies when Louis XIV refused to give him a command in the French army; Eugene's victories stopped the Turkish advances upon Europe. He was Governor of the Netherlands from 1714-1724.


    Mariage a la mode, a series of six satyrical paintings, also issued in very popular prints, describes the boredom and sad end of a fashionable marriage - The settlement,1742-44. Canvas,90,8 x 69,9 cm NG 113

    40-06-01/ 5

    Louis XIV in old age. Canvas, 42 x 34 cm Cat.2597


    Prince Karl von Lothringen, brother of Emperor Franz I Stephan and brother-in-law of Empress Maria Theresia. He was the unsuccessful commander of an army during the Austro-Prussian war over Silesia.


    Ferdinand VI of Spain (1713-1759) as a child Canvas; 1,44 x 1,16m Cat. 2333


    Louis de France, the Grand Dauphin (1661-1711), father of King Philip V of Spain. Canvas, 17th century.

    39-19-05/ 2

    Il Ridotto, 1757/60 Canvas, 62,5 x 51 cm


    King Louis XVth (1710-1774). Canvas


    Maximilien Robespierre (1758-1794)


    A Midnight Modern Conversation 1730 Oil on canvas

    39-17-02/ 5

    Louis XIV of France (1643-1715); the battle scene in the background is by Charles Parrocel. Canvas, 238 x 149 cm Cat.2343


    Gustav III, King of Sweden (1746-1792), assassinated during a fancy dress ball at the Stockholm Opera House by an officer, Jacob Johan Anckarstroem. Verdi used the King's assassination in his opera"Un ballo in maschera" Canvas, 135,5 x114,5 cm, 1771 Inv.2758


    Portrait of a cellist - Bildnis eines Cellospielers. 1745-1750. Canvas,92 x 74 cm Inv.211


    Coffin of Hor,22nd dynasty,around 850 BCE. The falcon-headed god Horus is shown on the inside.The mummified body of a man called Hor was x-rayed in the 1960s.No fractures or medical conditions were found;he had been circumsized;artificial eyes had been placed in the eye sockets. EA,6659


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