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    On the occasion of the Peacetreaty of Nijmegen, 1678, King Louis XIV (center) receives foreign ambassadors. To the right of the King Mme. de Montespan and his ministers Jean-Baptiste Colbert and the Duke of Vivonne Oil on canvas, 70 x 116,5 cm, Inv. 709


    The conquest of Mexico - The arrival of Cortés in Veracruz and the reception by Moctezuma's Ambassadors. Oil on canvas; 120 x 200 cm.


    Meeting of the Congress of Vienna,1814/15: The Congress of Vienna under the Leadership of Clemens Wenzel Lothar Prince von Metternich (1814-15) Sepia drawing In the autumn of 1814, diplomats and representatives of the European powers met at the Congress of Vienna. The Parisian court painter Jean Baptiste Isabey (1767-1855) traveled there as part of the French delegation and executed a portrait of 22 participants. On the left side of the drawing, Austrian Chancellor Metternich gestures toward the British Secretary of State, Viscount Robert Castlereagh (seated). Across from him sits Prussian Chancellor Karl August von Hardenberg (lower left corner). England's Duke of Wellington stands behind Hardenberg. On the right side the French diplomat Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord rests his right arm on the table. Prussia's Wilhlem von Humboldt stands second from the left. Count Rasoumoffsky, the representative of Czar Alexander I of Russia, appears near the center of the portrait; he stands before the lower left corner of the large portrait on the wall.


    Portrait of Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527), Florentine statesman and diplomat, author of "Il Principe" (The Prince).


    Ambassadors at the court of Emperor Heraclius. The Avars force Slav prisoners to pull a cart. From the Radziwill Chronicle, an early history of Russia until the 13th century. Page 5 v. 612 miniatures, late 15th.

    15-02-02/ 2

    Giovanni Boccaccio, Renaissance poet (1313-1375). Wood Inv. 8067

    26-01-03/ 4

    The court of Fath 'Ali Shah (1771 - 1834), the second Qajar King of Persia, with foreign ambassadors, 1816. Group portrait. From a reduced copy of the Nigaristan mural. Watercolour; 1816-1820. Shelfmark: Add.Or.1241


    Napoleon I recoit a Finkenstein Riza Bey,ambassadeur de Perse,le 27 avril 1807. Napoleon I recieves Reza Bey,ambassador of Persia, in Finkenstein, april 27,1807.


    The French Ambassadors of King Henri II,Jean de Dinteville and Georges de Selves,at the court of English Kong Henry VIII, 1533. Oil on oak, 207 x 209,5 cm NG 1314


    Charles Joseph Prince de Ligne (1735-1814), Russian and Austrian Fieldmarshal, member of the Masonic lodge L'Heureuse Rencontre in Brusseks and Master of the officers' lodge of the regiment de Ligne "Ligne Equitable" created in 1785; one of the gracious hosts of the Congress of Vienna (1814/1815). He wears the uniform of a Captain of the Imperial Bodyguard.


    Francisco de Moncada, Count of Ossuna (1586-1635), Ambassador and Commander of the Spanish troops in the Netherlands Oil on canvas, 305 x 242 cm Inv. 1240


    Audience given to the Count of Saint-Priest by the Grand Vizier Aimali Carac, March 18th 1779. Canvas,151 x 230 cm


    The Countess Castiglione (Virginia Oldoini) 1837-1899, famous beauty and inofficial envoy of Italian King Victor-Emanuel, with mission to seduce Napoleon III and win him for the Italian cause. Canvas


    The return of the ambassadors to England,with Ursula's reply to her English fiance.Legend of St.Ursula, a Christian princess of Brittany. Returning from a pil- grimage,she was killed by Huns in Cologne, together with her virgin-companions. Canvas,297 x 52 cm Cat 573


    Gottfried van Swieten (1733-1803), librarian, diplomat, friend of Mozart and Beethoven. Etching by Johann Ernst Mansfeld after a drawing by J. C. Lakner. Around 1790.


    Reception of a Venetian embassy in an oriental town (attributed to Gentile Bellini). 175 x 201 cm Inv. 100


    Diplomatic correspondence from King Hammurabi to Sin-Idinu, ordering him to assemble troops and send them to Babylon. first half 18th BCE, Cuneiform writing.From Larsa. Baked clay, 9,6 x 5,6 cm AO 5420


    Baron Johann Kuefstein, Imperial Ambassador to the Turkish Court during the Thirty Years War. He travelled to Istanbul by boat down the Danube in order to per- suade the Sultan to stay out of the Thirty Years War. Oil on canvas


    The Arrival of the ambassadors of English prince Ereo. Left:arrival;center:presenting the marriage proposal; right:Ursula and her father,her nurse listening below. Legend of St.Ursula, around 1494. Canvas,275 x 589 cm. Cat.572


    Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini arrives at Talamone. Detail of 40-14-01/11: The harbour of Talamone. (1502) Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini became Pope Pius II in 1458.


    Messengers begin peace talks between Iziaslav and Vasilko, son of Iuri; victory of Mstislav, son of Iziaslav, over the Coumans; he takes their herds and liberates their Russian prisoners. From the Radziwill Chronicle, page 196, 612 miniatures, late 15th


    Reception of a Venetian embassy in an oriental town, detail. Attributed to Giovanni Bellini. 175 x 201 cm Inv. 100


    Le Baron Henri de Vicq (1573-1651),ambassador to France of Archduke Albert and the Infanta Clara Eugenia Isabella,governors of the 17 provinces. Around 1625. Wood,74 x 56 cm INV 1793


    Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790) writing. The sculpture was made when Franklin served as Ambassador of the United States to France. Bronze


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