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    The capture of Jerusalem by Saladin on October 2, 1187 which caused the Third Crusade (1189-92). Balian of Ibelin surrenders and hands over the keys to the Tower of David to Saladin. From the chronicle of David Aubert. Illuminated manuscript; 15th century.


    King Richard I Lionheart (1157-1199) watches Muslim prisoners being beheaded after the capture of Acre in 1189. When it became apparent that Saladin was not willing to pay the terms of the treaty at Acre, Richard had more than 3.000 Muslim prisoners executed on August 20 outside of Acre in full view of Saladin's camp. From Sebastien Mamerot's "Les Passages d'outremer faits par les Français contre les Turcs depuis Charlemagne jusqu'en 1462". Illuminated manuscript on parchment (287 sheets, 32x23 cm). Bourges, France; 1474-1475.


    Crusaders storm Constantinople,1204 Oil on canvas


    Interior of Hagia Sophia.The cupola is 55 m high,and measures 31 m across.The green columns come from the harbour gymnasium in Ephesos,the red porphiry columns from the temple of Jupiter in Baalbek.Columns have byzantine capitals,some bear the initials of Justinian.

    15-03-09/ 6

    5 illuminations with text on one page. Jesus' family tree from Josias to Azor. Upper register: siege of Jerusalem, center: the jews led into exile in Babylon, 3 pairs of ancestors, Salathiel, Abiud, Amor. Calf-hide from the diocese of Mainz, mid 13th. MS 13, folio 18 v.


    Richard I and Saladin jousting,around 1300-1340.Saladin is portrayed with a grotesque blue face,while Richard's face is hidden by his helmet. Both ride horses wearing elaborate caparisons. Detail from a page of Latin text from the "Luttrell Psalter", begun before 1340 for Sir Geoffrey Luttrell. Add.42130.fol.61.det (L).


    King Richard I Lionheart (1157-1199) embarks on the Third Crusade (1191). From the chronicle of David Aubert. Illuminated manuscript; 15th century.


    Siege of Jerusalem. Codex Justinianus; Institutes, descriptio terrae sanctae. Italien


    Peter the Hermit shows the crusaders the way to Jerusalem during the first crusade. From the manuscript "Roman du Chevalier du Cygne". Peter the Hermit (died 1131) was a priest of Amiens, and a leader of the First Crusade. According to Anna Comnena, he attempted to go on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem before 1096, but was prevented by the Turks from reaching his destination. Illuminated manuscript on parchment; about 1270 Ms 3139 fol. 176v


    The defeat of Saladin and his troops by the Christian crusaders during the Third Crusade (1189-92). From the chronicle of David Aubert. Illuminated manuscript; 15th century.


    Crusaders at Damietta during the Fifth Crusade (1217–21). Damietta, in Egypt, was captured during the Fifth Crusade, but the crusaders did not hold it for long. They eventually abandoned the town in exchange for a truce. Vincent de Beauvais,"Le Miroir Historial". France; 15th century.


    The siege of Antioch (1197-98).From the "Estoire d'Outremer",by William of Tyre (around 1130-1185) French,around 1280.Ms.828,folio 33 recto.

    32-01-03/ 3

    The crusaders' conquest of Constantinople in 1204 Oil on canvas


    Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) church and mosque, now museum. Built under Justinian (527-565) over a 4th ct. basilica. Minarets were added when the church became a mosque after the Turkish conquest in 1453. Painted-over mosaics were restored under sultan Abdul Mecit in 1847. Hagia Sophia was the seat of the Orthodox patriarch of Constantinople (also known as Byzanz or Istanbul) and a principal setting for Byzantine imperial ceremonies. In this church the coronation of emperor Alexios IV Angelo took place on August 1 1203.

    15-03-04/ 1

    Fatimid troops leaving the fortress to attack crusaders Paper fragment from Frustat; 12th CE.


    The Doge of Venice Enrico Dandolo and his crusaders storming the city of Zara in 1202. Oil on canvas (16th).


    The capture of Acre, 1191. Crusaders, led by French King Philippe II August, capture the city of Acre (Akko,Israel). Saracens hold up their hands and plead for mercy. From "Chroniques de France ou de Saint Denis". ID: Roy 16 G VI, fol.352 verso.


    Return from the Crusade. Oil


    The siege of Jerusalem by Saladin, late 15th.An army camp outside the city walls of Jerusalem. Soldiers scale the walls by climbing ladders, they are met by the opposing army. From a translation of a Latin history of the crusades. ID: Roy 15 E I. fol. 438.


    Les Grandes Chroniques de France,middle 15th.French, parchment,46,5 x 32,5 cm 441 pages. Good King Louis IX (the Saint)during the 7th crusade: his ships on the Nile;battle against the Sarazens; burial of masons killed by the Sarazens. Fol.338


    Saracens and crusaders, 1325-1330. ID:Roy.16.G.VI, fol. 101 v


    Crusaders in chainmail armour go to war. Bishops lead soldiers in armour during the invasion of Palestine. Early 14th. ID: Eg 1500,fol. 46


    Departure of crusaders for battle in Syria.


    King Louis IX of France embarking for the last crusade in 1270. From the History of Saint Louis. Illuminated manuscript; 1280.


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