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    Your search results for "Animal: Cow" (123 images)
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    Le Mendiant. 15cm x 25cm. INV. 1447

    39-19-09/ 1

    Cylinder seal and imprint from Mari, Archaic Dynasties. Top register: agricultural scene, milking cows, goats. Bottom register: Human-headed bull between two heroes with maces;eagle with lion-head. H: 4,3 cm AO 10920


    Cattle gathered next to a group of huts represented by white ovals. Behind a line of calves tethered to a rope are a group of women and children working. Fresco from Tassili N'Ajjer. Henri Lhote Collection


    Silver lyre, from Ur,southern Iraq, 2600-2400 BCE. This lyre was found in the "Great Death Pit", one of the Royal Graves in the cemetery at Ur. 74 bodies - 6 men and 68 women were found on the florr of the pit. There were three lyres, two of which were covered in sheet silver. The cow's head on the front has eyes of shell and lapis lazuli. Eleven silver tubes acted as the tuning pegs. ANE 121199

    03-03-01/ 4

    La Nativité - Nativity. Around 1600. Formerly attributed to Annibale Carrachi (1560-1609) Copper, 42cm x30cm. INV. 193


    Nativity. Tempera on oakwood 27 x 38 cm

    40-01-01/ 4

    Nativity. Detail from an altar. Tempera on wood 75 x 92 cm

    40-01-01/ 5

    Cow and calf as handle for a bowl used to scoop soup or broth from a larger vessel. Detail: the cow is riveted to the bottom of the bowl. See 07-02-02/45 From tomb 671, Hallstatt Archaeological Site, Austria Bronze, 29.4 cm across.


    Le Paradis terrestre - Paradise on Earth, 1607-1608 Also called "The Earth", as part of a series of four paintings showing the four elements, ordered in 1607 by Cardinal Federico Borromeo of Milan. See 40-02-01/55 Canvas, 46 x 67 cm INV. 1092


    Io, transformed into a cow, is handed to Juno by Jupiter, 1683 Copper, 47,3 x 61,2 cm Inv. 743


    Mural from the tomb of pharaoh Metchetchi, around 2350 BCE,early 6th dynasty. Upper register right:a servant prepares the slaughtering of an ox. Lower register: a servant milks a cow.From Saqqara(?)


    Birth of Christ. Tempera on wood (ca. 1350) 85 x 95 cm

    40-01-01/ 6

    Noah and the animals. Canvas 198 x 216 cm Inv. 1633


    Mercury and Argos.Mercury kills Argos,guardian of Io, whom Zeus has changed into a cow,to protect her from Juno's wrath. Canvas,179 x 297 cm Inv.1673


    Hathor protects Amenophis I. Limestone, from Deir el Medineh, reign of Ramses II (1290-1224 BCE) H: 34,9 cm, L: 80,5 cm Inv. E 16276


    A cow and a stable constructed of wickerwork with sculpted columns in the background. Fragment of a cult vase of alabaster (era of Djemet-Nasr), from Uruk, Mesopotamia (Iraq). Limestone, 16 x 22,5 cm - AO 8842


    Cow suckling her calf. Small carved ivory interlaced plants in front of and behind the cow. Traces of gold inlay on the cow's body, from Arslan Tash, ancient Hadatu, Northern Syria 9.8 x 5.7 cm - AO 11452


    The Adoration of the shepherds. Canvas, 72 x 112 cm


    Bronze scoop (vessel for drawing water) with handle in the form of a cow and her calf, from grave 671, burial site, Hallstatt, Austria. Length of the cow: 14.4 cm


    Three Apis-bulls and one Hathor-cow. The Apis-bull is sacred to the god Ptah; the goddess Hathor was often pictured as a cow who nurses the heavenly child Horus. Bronze, Late Period, 7th-6th BCE


    April, 1595/1600 Canvas, 145,5 x 164,5 cm Inv. 4298


    May, 1595/1600 Canvas, 145,5 x 164 cm Inv. 4299


    Bovine animal. Small bronze statue. From tomb 507, Hallstatt Archaeological Site, Austria. Height 9.7 cm


    La ferme - The farm. 1750. Canvas, 130 x 212cm. Inv. 7044


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