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    Your search results for "Music: Composer" (327 images)
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    The Ground-floor Hall (Sala Terrena) of Eszterhaza Palace. The Palace of the Esterhazy-Family was built for Prince Nicholas (1760-1766). Joseph Haydn was court musician to the prince.


    Masqued Ball in the Redoutensaal on occasion of the Congress of Vienna with performance of Beethoven's Seventh Symphony and his composition "Wellington's victory in the battle of Vittoria". Colour print (ca. 1815)


    Main dining room of the Pallavicini Palace with the table laid for a ceremonial dinner. Ludwig van Beethoven played here during the Congress of Vienna.


    Reception at a Freemasons' lodge in Vienna (ca. 1784). In the foreground (seated, in profile) Prince Nikolaus I. Esterhazy, on the bench on the right side probably Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart became a Freemason in 1784. Canvas by Andreas Unterberger (?)


    Tamino, Pamina and Papageno. Scene from Mozart's opera "The Magic Flute".The engravings were first published in a cultural monthly in Brno,Czech Republic (then Austrian Empire).The Magic Flute was performed in Brno and Olomuc in 1793.Coloured engraving,around 1793.


    Drawing room in George Sand's country house in Nohant, where she entertained contemporary writers and friends and where she spent several summers with her lover, Frederic Chopin.


    Mozart's pianoforte,by Anton Walter of Vienna,1780. On the wall a portrait of a young boy,son of Karl Joseph Count Firmian,governor of Lombardy and a patron of Mozart during his childhood trip through Italy.


    Franz Schubert (1797-1828) Oil on canvas

    25-01-02/ 3

    Room in the Villa Bertramka (composer Duschek's house), Prague's suburb of Smichov, where Mozart stayed in 1787 for the performance of the "Marriage of Figaro" and where he finished "Don Giovanni" for the opera's first- night at Prague's Staendetheater (Tyl-Theatre).


    The Mozart Family: at the piano, Wolfgang and his sister "Nannerl";father Leopold Mozart with violin; mother Anna Maria, dead by the time the painting was made, present in her portrait. 1780-81. Oil on canvas, 140 x 168 cm


    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Posthumous portrait Oil on canvas (1819)


    Franz Schubert's eyeglasses on the manuscript of the song-cycle "Gretchen am Spinnrad", written for Therese Grob. Franz Schuberts Brille auf dem Manuskript des Liederzyklus "Gretchen am Spinnrad", fuer Therese Grob komponiert.


    The court theatre of Schoenbrunn Palace with the stage set for Mozart's opera "Der Theaterdirektor"


    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1789). Oil on canvas. Last portrait (unfinished), by Mozart's brother-in-law, actor and painter Joseph Lange. 34.6 x 29.7 cm


    Tea in the salon of the Prince de Conti in the Palais du Temple. Mozart at the piano,with green silk frock- coat and powdered hair,accompanies the singer Pierre Jelyotte.The Prince de Conti next to the singer, back to the viewer.Canvas, 53 x 68 cm


    Picture of a young man at the piano,said to be Mozart. Canvas,146 x 97 cm R.F.3837


    "Adam and Eve and the Fall",a charade played by the "Schubertians",the group of friends around Schubert, in Atzenbruck Castle near Vienna,1821. Inv. 18.752


    Wedding concert for Joseph II and Isabella of Parma. Detail of 25-01-01/40. Young Mozart and Prince Archbishop Sigmund Christoph von Schrattenbach (in white clerical garb, Mozart on his right) among the audience. The wedding took place in Vienna on October 6, 1760. Canvas, overall size 300 x 390 cm.


    Johann Sebastian Bach, German composer. Bach holds in his hand the thirteenth canon found in the Goldberg Variations. Oil on canvas (1748) 78 x 63 cm

    40-06-02/ 4

    Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827). Oil on canvas (1819)

    25-01-03/ 3

    Interior of the "Theater an der Wien", site of the first performance of Ludwig van Beethoven's only opera "Fidelio" in 1809 during the French ocupation. Watercolour (1825)


    Schubert at the piano during a "Schubert Evening" in a Vienna salon. Oil (1897)


    Chateau de Nohant, home of French romantic writer and journalist George Sand, pseudonym for Amandine- Lucie-Aurore Dupin (1804-1876). Her best-known lover was composer Frederic Chopin. When Napoleon III made himself Emperor, the liberal Sand retired to Nohant.


    Concert hall in the Radziwill Palace, the scene of Frederic Chopin's first public concert in 1818


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