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    Your search results for "Saint Paul, Apostle" (145 images)
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    Saint Paul Wood; 108 x 84cm Cat. 1657

    39-19-04/ 4

    The conversion of Saint Paul - Paulussturz. Canvas, 177,5 x 128,5 cm Inv. 2035


    Small altar with two panels. Left: the Annunciation and Saints Paulus and James. Right: Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine, Saints Dorothea, and Barbara. Oil on wood, 72 x 43.5 cm each Inv. 6524, 6523

    40-13-01/ 6

    The conversion of Saint Paul. From the naos of Decani Monastery,Kosovo. 1335-1350


    The apostle Paul, 1633 Canvas, 135 x 111 cm Inv. 397


    Pope Leo the Great faces Attila the Hun (452 CE) Bozzetto,canvas,50 x 66 cm Inv.O.A.7620


    Filippino Lippi (self-portrait, far right): Disputation between Saint Peter, Saint Paul, and the sorcerer Simon Magus, in the presence of Emperor Nero (Legenda Aurea). Left of Nero: Pollaiolo (red cap) and Leon Battista Alberti (fur cap). 1481-1483. See also 40-07-08/1-24


    Saint Paul being led towards martyrdom. Detail from the lower panel of the sarcophagus of Junius Bassus, Roman prefect who died in 359 CE. High-relief. This belongs to one of the finest pieces of Roman funerary art of the 4th CE.


    Christ giving the word of God to Saint Peter and Paul. Lunette mosaic; 5-6th century CE


    Fresco in the apse of St. Peter and Paul, Reichenau. Christ in the mandorla, surrounded by the symbols of the evangelists, Saints Peter and Paul and angels. Prophets and apostles in two rows of arcades. Around 1100

    15-04-06/ 5

    Le ravissement de saint Paul, 1607 The rapture of Saint Paul. Canvas, 50 x 38 cm INV. 792

    40-08-07/ 4

    The Apostles Peter and Paul. Sepulchre of the child Asellus. Engraving (after 313 CE)

    15-01-02/ 7

    Saint Paul with a book and Saint Thecla. Detail from Saints Paul and Thecla and the Stoning of Saint Paul (15-01-03/30). Carved ivory tablet


    Conversion of Saint Paul. Oil on oakwood (1567) Size 108 x 156 cm Cat. 54, Inv. 3690


    Mosaics in the Capella Palatina,Palazzo dei Normanni, Palermo. built between 1130-40 under Roger II. Mosaics on gold ground,12th: The appostle Paul baptized by Saint Ananias.


    The conversion of St. Paul in a fantastic landscape (Acts IX-1) Canvas Inv. 6435


    Seleukia, harbour wall of Antioch/Antakya. Saint Paul landed here coming from Cyprus.


    Shrine of Saint Maurice,a reliquary of the saint kept on the site of his martyrdom.A Christian officer in the Theban legion, he and his men were executed when they refused to sacrifice to Roman gods.Two cherubim flank Saints Peter and Paul. Chased silver,gilt,jewels.


    Saint Peter sends Saint Paul to convert in the north east. Fresco from the life of Saint Hermagoras in the crypt of Maxentius (Patriarch of Aquileia); 12th century CE


    Pentecost. A red hexagonal enclosure of stone or brick surrounds two tall blue towers with conical brown roofs, which are joined by a red-tiled roof with a ball at each end. Under this stand the twelve apostles, with Peter holding the key in the centre and Paul to his right. Above the dove, in blue, descends vertically with red flames coming from its mouth. From:"Ottobeuren Collectarius". ID:Y.T.2,fol. 27b-28


    The beheading of Saint Paul. From the right wall of the choir, 1525-1526


    Saints Peter and Paul,around 1605 Oil on canvas, 197 x 140 cm

    40-08-13/ 9

    Saint Paul seeing the light on the road to Damascus. Enamel plaque from a reliquary or altar in England (1180-1185)

    15-01-01/ 1

    Christ on the mountain from which flow the four rivers of paradise.Left:Saint Paul and another apostle;a palm tree with a phenix,symbol of resurrection.Right: Saint Peter receives the book of the law. "Sarcophagus of the handing of keys", marble.See also 15-01-02/49-52


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