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    Apollo (with lyre) and Artemis sacrificing over a fire burning on an altar. Red-figured Attic hydria, 490-480 BCE Terracotta, height: 40.5 cm, diam.: 35.3 cm


    Tribute of the desert. Thebes, tomb of Horemhab, No.78 Period of Tuthmosis IV (1420-1411 BCE) Ancient Egyptian Paintings selected,copied & described by Nina M.Davies; plate XXXV


    Nubians carrying offerings. Thebes, tomb of Huy, viceroy of Nubia. No. 40 Period of Tutankhamun (1347-1336 BCE) Ancient Egyptian paintings selected,copied & described by Niona M.Davies; plate LXXXI


    Servant wearing panther skin offering lotus to God Osiris (depicted with flail and crook - his devine regalia). Late Period (26th dynasty).


    Cult-chariot of Strettweg (7th BCE). A funerary gift for a prince whose ashes were buried in a hill tumulus. The chariot shows a sacrificial procession, with the stag as victim, sacrificed to the tall female goddess by the naked man with the axe. Bronze, height 33 cm


    Sacrificial scene with burnt offering. Red-figured jug (oenochoe) (2nd half 5th BCE), from Etruria (Toscana), Italy Height 21.5 cm G 402


    Sacrifice. Bas-relief from the Akhnaton temple project in Karnak, about 1350 BCE, New Kingdom Height: 21.5 cm


    Pharaoh Akhenaten and Nefertiti offer libation to God Aten. Relief from the shrine at Amarna; New Kingdom (18th dynasty).


    Sacrifice to Apollo. Red-figured Attic crater (around 430 BCE). Height 33 cm G 496


    Sacrifice of a ram. Frieze with mother of pearl inlay, ivory, red limestone, and schist Early dynastic period II, Ur I (2645-2460 BCE) from the Shamash Temple at Mari, Syria

    08-02-08/ 5

    Slaughter of a sacrificial animal. Red-figured skyphos, Attic. Workshop of the Douris Painter. See also 10-03-05/12 Around 490-480 BCE Inv. 142467


    Cult-chariot of Strettweg, detail of 07-02-02/28. A funerary gift for a prince whose ashes were buried in a hill-tumulus. Centerpiece: the goddess, to whom the stag was to be sacrificed. Bronze (7th BCE). Height 33 cm. See also 07-02-02/28-31


    Hermes sacrificing a dog disguised as a pig. Red-figured Attic cup, 510-500 BCE Terracotta, H: 7.5 cm, D: 20 cm, painting 10.2 cm Inv. IV 3691


    A sacrifice. A bull, a garland hanging from his horns, is led to the altar. Red-figured pelike. Same pelike as 10-03-03/7 and 8 Inv. 1144

    10-03-03/ 9

    The royal family of Amenophis IV Akhnaton offers a sacrifice to Aton, the sungod. Relief from Amarna, Egypt, 1350 BCE, New Kingdom 105 x 50 cm


    Nubians carrying offerings, among them a giraffe. Thebes, tomb of Huy, viceroy of Nubia, No.40 Period of Tutankhamun (1347-1336 BCE) Ancient Egyptian Paintings selected,copied & described by Nina M.Davies; plate LXXX


    King sitting on his throne, table with offerings, his son, and courtiers. Relief from the top of the sarcophagus of Ahiram, King of Byblos, from Byblos, Lebanon


    Mosaic showing Abel sacrificing a lamb and Melchizedek, Priest-King of Salem, sacrificing bread. 6th century CE; Presbytery of San Vitale Basilica, Ravenna

    30-01-10/ 9

    Fluted red-figured krater with depiction of a sacrificial procession in honour of the Oracle of Delphi; 430 BCE.


    The Uruk Vase - detail. See also 08-02-05/56,57. Men bearing gifts to the goddess Inanna (Innin), a bull and agricultural products. Limestone, around 2.900 BCE

    08-02-09/ 5

    Four Cretan tribute-bearers. Thebes,tomb of Menkheperrasonb, No.86, period of Tuthmosis III (1478-1448 BCE) Ancient Egyptian Paintings,selected,copied & described by Nina M.Davies; plate XXIII


    The death of Orpheus at the hand of a Maenad. Red-figured amphora from Nola, Italy, 450-440 BCE Terracotta, height: 32 cm Inv. G 436


    Ladies offering a lemon and a mandragora root to another lady during a banquet. Detail of a wallpainting in the tomb of Nakht, scribe and priest under Pharaoh Thutmosis IV (18th Dynasty, 16th-14th BCE),in the cemetery of Sheikh Abd al-Qurnah.


    Foodcarriers carrying a hare and an antelope for the deceased. Wallpainting from the tomb of Ounsou from Luxor-Thebes, Egypt. Detail of 08-01-05/59. 18th Dynasty (1554-1305 BCE), New Kingdom N 1393


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