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    Sappho, idealized portrait of a young girl posing as a poetess. Wallpainting from Pompeii, Insula Occidentale Inv. 9084


    Drawing room in George Sand's country house in Nohant, where she entertained contemporary writers and friends and where she spent several summers with her lover, Frederic Chopin.


    Mme. de Stael's salon in her Chateau in Coppet, Switzerland. It was a meeting place for writers and poets opposed to Napoleon.

    26-03-05/ 8

    Chateau de Sache, where Honore de Balzac spent several weeks a year. The salon, with furniture and wall paper of 1803. Left: study of a head of Balzac by Rodin.


    Cicero, Roman orator and statesman. Roman marble bust; 93cm; middle of the 1st century CE. Inv. MC0589


    Bust of Amenhotep (1440-1360 BCE), Son of Hapu, scribe and sage of the time of Amenhotep III (1411-1375 BCE). Black granite figure from Karnak, Egypt. New Kingdom (18th dynasty). Height: 130 cm See also 03-03-02/44 He was high official of the reign of Amenhotep III of Egypt, who was greatly honoured by the king within his lifetime and was deified more than 1,000 years later during the Ptolemaic era. Amenhotep rose through the ranks of government service, becoming scribe of the recruits, a military office, under Amenhotep III.

    08-01-03/ 8

    Portrait of Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527), Florentine statesman and diplomat, author of "Il Principe" (The Prince).


    Dante Alighieri, Italian poet (1265-1321) who wrote the "Divina Commedia" Inv. 8066

    26-01-03/ 1

    La Vallee aux Loups, house in which writer and statesman Francois-Rene Vicomte de Chateaubriand lived from 1807-1818. Mme. de Recamier was a frequent visitor. The bedroom.


    Chateau de Nohant, home of French romantic writer and journalist George Sand, pseudonym for Amandine- Lucie-Aurore Dupin (1804-1876). Her best-known lover was composer Frederic Chopin. When Napoleon III made himself Emperor, the liberal Sand retired to Nohant.


    George Sand (Aurore Dupin, Baroness Dudevant, 1804-1876), famous novelist and Frederic Chopin's intimate friend. Oil


    Dining room in George Sand's country house Nohant, where her lover Frederic Chopin spent many summers resting and composing.


    View from the window of Frederic Chopin's apartment in the Square d'Orleans towards the windows of writer George Sand's apartment in the opposite building.


    Dante and Virgil. Oil on canvas (1822) 189 x 241,5 cm Inv. 3820


    Giovanni Boccaccio, Renaissance poet (1313-1375). Wood Inv. 8067

    26-01-03/ 4

    Poet Lord George Byron (1788-1824) on the Greek coastline. Canvas


    Poet and chimera Gouache on paper (1916) 37 x 32 cm


    God of writing and science with a scribe. Sculpture with two figures from Amarna. 1340 BCE, Tutankamun Period Height: 14 cm


    Sitting statue of the scribe Der-Senj. Red granite (around 2400 BCE), 5th Dynasty, Old Kingdom, Egypt. Inv. 15 701


    Sitting scribe. Terracotta figurine (last quarter 6th BCE) from Thebes, Boeotia, Greece. Height 11 cm CA 684

    10-01-04/ 2

    Instrumentum scriptorium (writing utensils). Wallpainting from the "banker's house", probably that of L. Caecilius Jucundus in Pompeii, Italy.


    Lord George Byron (1788-1824) contemplating the Colosseum in Rome by Arthur Willmore or James Tibbets Willmore. The poet Lord Byron visited the Roman Colosseum (spelled in his version the Coliseum) in the early 19th century, as did many of his fellow writers and poets. Engraving


    Montaigne Castle, birthplace of philosopher Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592). The Castle was destroyed by fire in 1885, the Library-tower alone remained. The wooden ceiling of the Library is inscribed with Greek and Latin quotations.


    Isabella d'Este (1474-1539), wife of Margrave Francesco Gonzaga, Patroness of the Arts and able Administrator of Mantua. After a portrait by Titian. Oil on canvas (around 1605-1608) 101.8 x 81 cm. Cat. 296, Inv. 1534


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