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    Madonna Sistina, painted for Pope Julius II as his present to the city of Piazenza, Italy. The church at Piazenza was dedicated to the sainted Pope Sixtus (left), on the right Saint Barbara. 1513–1514 Oil on canvas, 265 cm × 196 cm Inv. 93


    Saint François prêchant aux oiseaux - Saint Francis preaching to the birds. Detail from the predella of the painting Saint François d'Assise recevant les stigmates - Saint Francis of Assisi receiving the stigmata (40-08-04/29). Around 1295-1300. Wood, goldleaf, overall size 313 x 163cm. Inv. 309


    Rosenkranzmadonna - The Feast of the Rose Garland Oil on wood (1506)

    40-13-02/ 6

    Saint Clara between priests and churchfathers (Saint Ambrosius, Saint Augustine, Pope Gregory I, Saint Thomas Aquinus, Saint Jerome, Saint Norbert of Xanten) Cat. 1695 Saint Ambrosius Dec.7th Saint Augustine August 28th Saint Thomas Aquinus December 21st Saint Jerome Sept.30 Saint Norbert of Xanten June 6th

    39-19-04/ 5

    Saint Gregory. Lettre de Saint Gregoire, French,1150-1200, fol.1 verso.


    Insignia of Order of the Holy Spirit: coat, hat, sword, presented to King John Sobieski by Pope Innocent in gratitude for assistance in raising the Turkish siege of Vienna in 1683.


    The fountain of Grace and the triumph of the Church over the Synagogue Wood; 181 x 116cm Cat. 1511


    Cavalcade celebrating the coronation of Emperor Karl V in Bologna,1530.Page shows Pope Clement VII and Emperor Karl V riding side by side under a canopy. Coloured woodcut on parchment,one of 23 pages. 480 c 50 cm Inv.V.IV.1.3.


    The legend of Emperor Constantine the Great from the choir screen of Cologne Cathedral:Disputation of Pope Sylvester with the jews;Constantine crowns Sylvester with the papal tiara; The baptism of Emperor Constantine. See also 40-03-07/5,6

    40-03-07/ 7

    Moses, from the tomb of Pope Julius II in San Pietro in Vincoli, Rome. The two horns have been symbolic of Moses since the Hebrew word for "rays of light" was mistranslated as "horns" in the Vulgata, the medieval translation of the Old Testament. Marble.

    40-07-11/ 2

    Saint François d'Assise recevant les stigmates. À la prédelle: Le songe d'Innocent III; Le pape approuvant les statuts de l'ordre; Saint François prêchant aux oiseaux - Saint Francis of Assisi receiving the stigmata. Predella: The vision of Pope Innocent III; the Pope approving the statutes of the Franciscan order; Saint Francis preaching to the birds. Around 1295-1300. Wood, goldleaf, overall size 313 x 163cm. Inv. 309


    Gregory the Great dictating to his scribe Peter. From the Moralium of Saint Gregory.French,12th


    Pope Leo the Great faces Attila the Hun (452 CE) Bozzetto,canvas,50 x 66 cm Inv.O.A.7620


    Les Grandes Chroniques de France,middle 15th.French, parchment,46,5 x 32,5 cm 441 pages.Probably written and painted in the Abbey of St.Bertin.The coronation of Charlemagne:right Charlemagne is crowned in St.Peter in Rome;left:presents from the king of Persia.Fol.120 v


    Saint Ursula shrine. With her eleven thousand virgins, the Breton princess Ursula, on a pilgrimage to Rome, arrives in Cologne; the pilgrims arrive in Basle; they arrive in Rome and are greeted by Pope Cyriacus. Oak, entire shrine 91,5 x 99 x 41,5 cm Inv.o.sj156.1


    Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini, then Bishop of Siena, presents Emperor Friedrich III to his bride, Eleanor of Portugal. Detail of 40-14-01/16 Fresco (1502) Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini became Pope Pius II in 1458.


    The fathers of the church in the spandrels of the cupola: Saint Gregory; baptistery, San Marco.


    Coronation of Napoleon I, Empress Josephine on her knees before Napoleon. On the tribune Mme Laetitia, Napoleon's mother, who in reality did not assist at the ceremony in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame of Paris. Detail. Oil on canvas, 621 x 979 cm. Inv. 3699


    Turkish Monstrance, commemorating the battle of Lepanto in 1571 and Don Juan d'Austrias victory over the Turks. Detail:portrait of Pope Pius V; below: King Philip II of Spain, both shown on the victorious Christian ship "Real". Silver pyx, 1708


    Pope Leo X Medici (1475-1521) with cardinals Giulio de Medici (later Pope Clement VII 1478-1534), and Luigi de Rossi, 1517 Oil on wood 154 x 119 cm Inv. Galleria Palatina 40


    Scenes from the Life of Pope Gregory the Great. Upper register:Gregory visits the construction site of an abbey.Lower register:Gregory exorcising a demon. From Vincent de Beauvais:Miroir Historial,French,15th Ms 722/1196 fol.8 verso.

    15-03-04/ 9

    Seal of Raymond VII, count of Toulouse (1197-1249) He was excommunicated by Pope Honorius VIII for his support of the Cathars, but under pressure from the Pope, he became their worst enemy.


    Sacre de Napoleon (coronation) in Notre-Dame de Paris by Pope Pius VII, December 2,1804. Painted 1806-1807 Canvas,621 x 979 cm Inv. 3699


    Reliquary cross of Pope Urban V (1368-1378) Gold, precious stones


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