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    Pearl dedicated to the moon god. Neo Sumerian, reign of Ibbi-Sin,king of Ur. Around 2.020 BCE Agate AO 27622


    Sleeping Venus. Oil on oakwood (around 1608) 80 x 152 cm Inv. 1104


    Salome and the head of Saint John Baptist Canvas


    Crown of the Kings of Bohemia. Gold, pearls, precious stones (1346)


    Charlemagne's talisman, sapphire in gold setting with jewels and pearls, found in the Emperor's tomb in Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle), Germany.

    26-03-01/ 8

    Teuderic reliquary;the inscription on the back of the gold-plated silver shrine names a couple who asked the presbiter Teuderic to have a small coffer made in honour of Saint Maurice.The center gem is a Merovingian glass-paste.Gold-plated silver,pearls,precious stones.


    Isabella, Queen of Spain (1602-1644), daughter of French King Henri IV and Maria de' Medici, was married at age 11 with the Spanish Crownprince Philip (later King Philip IV), then aged 10.


    Bathseba at the well, a boy brings King David's letter. Oakwood, 175 x 126 cm Inv. 965


    La toilette de Venus, 1749 Canvas,107 x 173 cm RF 288


    Pair of disc and amphora earrings, Hellenistic (Ptolemaic), c200 BC. Earrings with garnet amphorae with garnet, emerald, and pearl chain pendants. The long chain could have been worn either round the back of the neck or pinned across the chest. The amphorae have dolphin-shaped handles and are suspended from discs inlaid with garnets, topped with a stylized crown. The design of the crown conforms to the so-called 'Crown of Isis', a common motif in jewellery of the period: Ptolemaic queens were assimilated with the goddess Isis and both were associated with this type of crown which consists of a sun-disc capped by two feathered plumes that were originally inlaid with another material, now lost. The crown motif rests on the horns of a cow, a symbol usually associated with the Egyptian goddess Hathor. On these earrings the horns form a pattern beneath the plumes, and a garnet is placed in the crown. Jewellery with Egyptianized details, such as these earrings, is found throughout the Hellenistic world and was not exclusively manufactured in Egypt where these earrings were made. GR, 1906.4-11.1 (Jewellery 2331)


    Alb, garment worn for the coronation by Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. Yellowish taffeta, gold trimming gold embroidery and pearls. Inscription says Alb was made for Norman King William II by the Royal workshop in Palermo, Sicily. 1181. Inv. XIII 7


    Water, allegory, 1566 painted for Emperor Maximilian II. Limewood, 66,5 x 50,5 cm Inv. 1586


    Nasser-al-Din Shah (1831-1896), Qajar King of Persia End of the 18th century; Iran, Teharan Oil on canvas; 36cm x 22,5cm MAO 776


    Marie-Louise de Parme (1751-1819), wife of her cousin Charles IV of Spain. Detail of 39-19-02/42. Canvas, 129 x 97cm. INV. 1455


    Le sceptre de Charles V of France -Scepter of King Charles V of France, surmounted by a statue of Charlemagne. Gold, pearls, precious stones (1380) Size: 60 cm MS 83


    Sigismunda Mourning over the Heart of Guiscardo 1759 This was Hogarth's most deliberate attempt to prove that modern English painters could handle heroic themes as convincingly as the revered Italian Old Masters. His chosen subject was the moment from Boccaccio's "Decameron" when the tragic princess discovers the murder of her lover after the murderers send her his heart in a golden goblet. The work was received with such harsh criticism that Hogarth all but abandoned painting for the last years of his life. Canvas; 1004 x 1265 mm N01046

    39-17-02/ 6

    Jeanne d'Autriche (1547-1578), Grande-Duchesse de Toscane, mère de Marie de Médicis. Canvas, 247cm x116cm. INV. 1791 See also 39-19-09/67


    Madonna. Detail of Madonna and Child with two angels. Tempera on wood, total size 92 x 63 cm Inv. 1598

    40-07-10/ 5

    Scepter of King Charles V of France, surmounted by a statue of Charlemagne. Detail. Gold, pearls, precious stones (1380) Size: 60 cm MS 83

    15-01-04/ 4

    Archduchess Anna of Austria, Queen of Spain (1549-1580) At age 21 she became the fourth wife of her uncle, King Philip II, who was 22 years her senior. Canvas, 170 x 98 cm, 1571 Inv. 1733


    Couple mythologique (Vertumne et Pomone ?) - Mythological couple (Vertumnus and Pomona ?). Around 1540. Canvas, 130cm x 124cm. INV. 125


    Eagle. Pendant-reliquary, from Bohemia, 1380 Gilded silver, pearls and precious stones.


    Dona Barbara de Braganza (1711-1758),wife of King Ferdinand VI of Spain. Canvas


    Infanta Carlota Joaquina Teresa of Spain (1775-1830), Queen consort of Portugal. She was the eldest daughter of King Carlos IV of Spain (1748-1819) and his wife Maria Louisa of Parma (1751-1819).

    39-19-05/ 6

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