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    Tribute of the desert. Thebes, tomb of Horemhab, No.78 Period of Tuthmosis IV (1420-1411 BCE) Ancient Egyptian Paintings selected,copied & described by Nina M.Davies; plate XXXV


    Musical instruments from a Book of Songs. Illuminated manuscript; 13th century.

    03-08-06/ 2

    Allegories of taste, hearing and touch Canvas; 176 x 264cm Cat. 1404


    Le musicien d'Amon Djedkhonsouiouefankh joue de la harpe devant le dieu Re-Horakhty. Il chante: "Adorer Re quand il brille." The musician of God Amon, Djedkhonsouiouefankh, playing lute before God Re-Harakhte. He sings: "Let's adore Re when he shines." 1069-664 BCE, Third intermediate Period Painted wood; 29,50 x 22,40cm N 3657


    Conductor Herbert von Karajan (5.4.1908 - 16.7.1989) recording Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor, Op. 37 with the Berlin Philharmonic and the pianist Glenn Gould. Concert Hall of the Hochschule der Kuenste, Berlin, Germany, 24 to 26 May 1957.


    The prodigal son, 1637 Canvas, 122,5 x 184 cm Inv. 7024


    King David playing the harp surrounded by his musicians. Psalter, 12th century.


    Wedding concert for Emperor Joseph II and Isabella of Parma;serenade in the Redoutensaal in Vienna's Imperial Palace,October 6th, 1760. Oil on canvas 300 x 390 cm


    Woman on a rock with a violin and another with a large kithara, a little Eros at her side. Terracotta figurines from Aigina, Greece, Tanagrian influence (ca. 360 BCE). (Size of the musician 22 cm - CA 574) CA 798


    The Wedding at Cana. Photograph after restoration. From the Benedictine Convent of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice. Canvas (1562-1563), 666 x 990 cm Inv. 142


    The music room in Versailles, piano and music sheets of Empress Marie-Louise, second wife of Napoleon I.


    Sanssouci Palace, country seat of King Frederic II of Prussia. The concert room, one of the richest Rococo halls in German architecture, was used for the king's musical evenings, during which he played the flute.


    An evening with Schubert in a Vienna salon.In his engraving,Julius Schmidt has united everybody who was somebody in the Vienna of the 1830ties;Schubert and his friends singer Vogel,painters Kupelwieser and Schwind;poet Grillparzer,diarist Karoline Pichler etc.


    King David playing a psaltery accompanied by tuba, organ and cymbal players. From the Psalterium Beatae Elisabeth. Illuminated manuscript; 13th century.


    Ferdinando de' Medici with his musicians,after 1687. Canvas,139 x 221 cm Inv.1890,Nr.2808


    Venus, Cupid and an organist. Canvas (around 1550) 148 x 217 cm


    Ornate door and fireplace of the "Silver" concert hall, Neues Palais, Sanssouci Gardens (1765).


    Musical instruments from a Book of Songs. Illuminated manuscript; 13th century.

    03-08-06/ 1

    The Ground-floor Hall (Sala Terrena) of Eszterhaza Palace. The Palace of the Esterhazy-Family was built for Prince Nicholas (1760-1766). Joseph Haydn was court musician to the prince.


    Masqued Ball in the Redoutensaal on occasion of the Congress of Vienna with performance of Beethoven's Seventh Symphony and his composition "Wellington's victory in the battle of Vittoria". Colour print (ca. 1815)


    Kenneth Mackenzie (Viscount Fortrose), 1st Earl of Seaforth (1744-1781) at home in Naples: concert party. 1770. Canvas, 35.50 x 47.60cm. PG 2611 A private concert is taking place in the Neapolitan apartment of the expatriate, Lord Fortrose. He stands, with his back to us, in the centre of the scene. His friend, Sir William Hamilton, is on his left, and the violinist, Gaetano Pugnani, is on his right. In the left-hand corner, the artist has painted himself, working on this picture. The two keyboard players have been identified as the fourteen-year old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his father, Leopold, who visited Naples in the summer of 1770.


    Banqueting scene, guests eating and drinking, servants, dogs waiting for morsels under the beds. Black-figured amphora, 540-530 BCE F 2


    Banqueting scene. Guests reclining and drinking, a female aulete plays the aulos, the double flute. Red-figured bell-crater. First quarter 4th BCE Inv. G 524


    Main dining room of the Pallavicini Palace with the table laid for a ceremonial dinner. Ludwig van Beethoven played here during the Congress of Vienna.


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