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    The torches of Nero. Oil on canvas (1876) 385 x 704 cm Inv. MNK IIa-1


    The punishment (martyrdom) of Marsyas who challenged Apollo in fluteplaying. Mardyas won, but was skinned alive. Marble figure (1st-3rd CE). Roman copy of a Greek original of the 2nd BCE Height 256 cm - MA 542


    Herod's banquet; Salome with the head of the Baptist. Left wing of a predella for an altar in Santa Maria degli Angeli, Florence. 1387-1388 Wood, gold foundation, 33,8 x 67,7 cm INV. 290


    La Majeste de sainte Foy - statue of a saint, a young woman who died a martyr in the early 4th century. 9th century,with gothic additions;gilded silver,copper, enamel,rock crystal and precious stones,cameos; wooden core. H:85 cm


    The martyrdom of Saint Matthew, 1598 Canvas


    Saint Ursula shrine. With her eleven thousand virgins, the Breton princess Ursula, on a pilgrimage to Rome, arrives in Cologne; the pilgrims arrive in Basle; they arrive in Rome and are greeted by Pope Cyriacus. Oak, entire shrine 91,5 x 99 x 41,5 cm Inv.o.sj156.1


    Candidus head-reliquary,around 1165. One of the legendary companions of Saint Maurice in the Theban legion,Saint Candidus'martyrdom and ascent to heaven is shown on the socle.Nut-wood, silver plated.The wooden core contains a human cranium.


    Martyrdom of the Franciscans in Nagasaki,February 5, 1597. Painted 1627-32. Oil on canvas, 115 x 80 cm


    Saint Margaret. Canvas (around 1560) 198 x 167.6 cm


    The meeting of Ursula and her fiance Ereo; trumepteers, detail of 40-07-02/11. St.Ursula,was a Christian prin- cess betrothed to an English prince. Returning from a pilgrimage,Ursula and her virgin-companions were killed by Huns in Cologne. Canvas,280 x 611 cm, 1494. Cat 575


    Saint George, surrounded by scenes of his life and martyrdom. Relief-icon, 109 x 72 cm T 89

    15-03-06/ 9

    Altar of the Three Holy Kings with Adoration of Jesus. The city patrons of Cologne, Saint Mary, the Three Magi, Saint Ursula, and Saint Gereon, an officer of the Theban Legion. Tempera on oakwood (1445)


    Le martyre de Saint Laurent - The martyrdom of Saint Lawrence. Canvas, 160 x 94 cm


    Procession of martyrs Saint Clement, Sixtus, Lawrence, Hippolytus, Cornelius, all carrying crowns -symbol of martyrs. Mosaic; 6th century CE See also 15-03-02/52


    The martyrdom of Saint Barbara. Around 1633 Canvas


    Madonna of the Rosary with Saint Dominic and Saint Peter Martyr. Oil on canvas (1607) 364 x 249 cm Inv. 147


    Saint Paul being led towards martyrdom. Detail from the lower panel of the sarcophagus of Junius Bassus, Roman prefect who died in 359 CE. High-relief. This belongs to one of the finest pieces of Roman funerary art of the 4th CE.


    The martyrdom of Saint Stephen Wood; 160 x 123cm Cat. 841


    Martyrs in the catacombs. 1855 Canvas, 170 x 336 cm R.F. 102


    Saint Mary, Saint Catherine and a holy martyr. Medallion, gold,translucent enamel (1370/1380), from the collection of Louis d'Anjou, France Back of a mirror, diameter: 6.8 cm MR 2609


    Saint Lawrence (Laurentius) as deacon with cross, the fire on which he was martyred and the books of the four gospels. Mosaic; middle of the 5th century CE


    St. Catherine's altar, triptych on lime wood (1506). Right panel: Saint Barbara with chalice and host, Saint Ursula with arrow, and Saint Margaret with the dragon. The fortress of Coburg in the background.


    The fire ordeal of Siyavush. Siyavush proves his innocence by passing unharmed through a fire. Siyavush was one of the legendary Persian heroes of the Shahnama. According to Firdawsi's poem, the prince was forced to pass through a mountain of fire to prove his innocence when his stepmother falsely accused him of having tried to seduce her. Despite successfully passing this ordeal, Siyavush was later falsely accused of another crime and killed, and is consequently one of the great martyrs of Persian legend. An episode from Firdawsi's poem Shahnama. Title of Work: Miscellany of Iskandar Sultan. Southern Iran, 1410-1411 Shelfmark: Add. 27261 Page Folio Number: f.295v


    Saints Agueda and Lucia, carrying breasts and eyes.


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