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    Kaiserin Elisabeth im Sternenkleid (Empress Elisabeth in a star spangled robe). Oil on canvas


    Empress Maria Theresia (1717-1780) in a robe of Brussels lace, a present from the estates of Flanders. Oil on canvas


    The coronation of Emperor Napoleon I Bonaparte. Oil on canvas (1806-1807) Detail: Empress Josephine Overall size 621 x 979 cm


    Dona Barbara de Braganza (1711-1758),wife of King Ferdinand VI of Spain. Canvas


    Infanta Carlota Joaquina Teresa of Spain (1775-1830), Queen consort of Portugal. She was the eldest daughter of King Carlos IV of Spain (1748-1819) and his wife Maria Louisa of Parma (1751-1819).

    39-19-05/ 6

    Isabella von Parma (1741-1763), wife of Emperor Josef II Canvas, 82 x 64 cm Inv. 1551 (Ambras Inv.2069)


    Empress Elisabeth of Austria with flowing hair. Oil on canvas (1846)


    The Lace-maker. Oil on canvas,mounted on wood 24 x 21 cm Mi 1448


    A princess Trauttmannsdorff,1818 Canvas,126 x 99,5 cm Inv.G 1264


    Maria de' Medici,Queen of France, 1611 Canvas,142 x 127 cm Inv.2259


    Anne of Denmark, Queen of England (1574-1619), wife of James I of England. Canvas, 66 x 55,5 cm Inv. 4421


    The Countess Castiglione (Virginia Oldoini) 1837-1899, famous beauty and inofficial envoy of Italian King Victor-Emanuel, with mission to seduce Napoleon III and win him for the Italian cause. Canvas


    Isabela of Bourbon (1602-1644), Queen of Spain, wife of Philip IV Canvas; 201 x 115cm Cat. 7124


    The Infanta Margarita Teresa (1651-1673) in a pink dress. Daughter of King Philip of Spain and his second wife, Archduchess Maria Anna. Margarita Teresa married Emperor Leopold I. Canvas, 212 x 147 cm Cat 1192


    Maria de' Medici,Queen of France, wife of Henri IV. Painted 1622. Canvas,1300 x 108 cm Car.1685


    Man playing the lute,perhaps a portrait of Imbert, clerk of the court of Aix-en-Provence. Canvas,123 x 97,5 cm R.F.2472


    The Infanta Margarita Teresa (1651-1673) in a pink dress. Daughter of King Philip of Spain and his second wife, Archduchess Maria Anna. Margarita Teresa married Emperor Leopold I. Canvas, 128,5 x 100 cm, 1653/54 Inv. 321


    The Duchess of Morny, wife of the half-brother of Napoleon III. The Duke of Morny was the son of Queen Hortense of Holland and her lover General Flahaut. The Duchess was one of the famous beauties of the Court of Napoleon III.


    Self-Portrait as Tehuana or Diego in My Thoughts, 1943. The Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection of the 20th Century Mexican Art and The Vergel Foundation.


    Portrait de l'impératrice Eugénie (1826-1920) - Portrait of Empress Eugénie (1826-1920). 1856-1857. Canvas, 242 x 158cm. Copy after Franz-Xaver Winterhalter. One of the many copies of official use (various prefectures, embassies, institutions, etc.) of the portrait of the Empress, painted in 1853 after the proclamation of the Second Empire in December 1852. It was presented at the World Fair of 1855 hanging alongside the portrait of the Empress. The originals seem to have disappeared in the fire of the Palais des Tuileries in 1871. Eugenie de Montijo, Spanish countess, married Napoleon III in 1853. See also 39-19-16/8.

    39-19-16/ 9

    Portrait of Mme. Jacques-Benoit Loys, nee Marie Combe, 1768. Canvas, 63,5 x 53,5 cm RF 21 85


    Actress Elise Hoefer (born 1802),1827 The actress is painted in her dressing room, an elegant boudoir with a collection of Biedermeier nippes and two large shawls. Canvas,68 x 53 cm Inv.N 33.051


    Mary Stuart, Queen of the Scots (1542-1587). Phototype from "Allgemeines Historisches Porträtwerk" (historical portraits), a collection of 600 portraits of the most famous persons of all cultures and origis since 1300. Volume one: dukes and popes. Munich, 1884. Verlagsanstalt fuer Kunst und Wissenschaft, vormals Friedrich Bruckmann.

    33-02-06/ 7

    Self-Portrait, 1948. Private Collection.


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